Your carpets may look clean but are they hygienically clean? Here at ABC we have had new customers that have not cleaned their carpets for many years and stated they only have them cleaned when they look dirty, now they come back every 6 to 12 months for their carpet cleaning.

Carpet cleaning is not just about looking clean it is also about maintaining a healthy environment. Carpets are one of the dirtiest things in our homes and are a breeding ground for bacteria. When having your carpet professionally cleaned by ABC we can help eliminate dirt, grit, dust, toxins and odours which most of these you can’t see but can be harmful to you and the fabrics. Overtime carpets will look worn, visibly dirty, soiled and faded. This can have a big impact on your health and trying to promote a clean home. With regular professional attention ABC can help revive your carpet’s life and leave your home looking and feeling fresh.

By having your carpets professionally cleaned regularly by ABC you will be getting financial benefits of not having to replace your carpets so quickly whilst maintaining a clean and healthy home.


No matter what your business is it is important to uphold a clean and professional identity and ABC can help with this! Our commercial cleaning service will promote a professional environment for both your customers, potential customers, visitors and employees.

Having your commercial carpets professionally cleaned by ABC will not only keep the company brand image you have worked so hard to achieve but will also help your staff be more productive working in a clean and healthy environment. It will also save you replacing your carpets by extending the lifespan and therefore reducing your business costs in the long term.

At ABC we can cater for all your commercial carpet and upholstery needs and offer one off cleans, weekly, monthly, Quarterly, Six month or Yearly cleaning packages to help keep your business looking and feeling great.


Upholstery may look clean but is it hygienically clean? Over the course of your sofas lives, daily life can take a toll on your much loved upholstery. They will become embedded with dirt, dust, food and bacteria which eventually could start to give off unpleasant odours and at worse skin irritation. Regular professional cleaning will result in clean, fresher sofas and chairs which will be longer lasting and give off that house proud look.

ABC offers a bespoke upholstery clean that offers a personal and thorough service from family spills to heavy stains. We at ABC can clean and revive your upholstery’s life.


ABC offer a deep steam cleaning service for mattresses that will leave them refreshed and ready for a good night sleep. Mattresses over time become stained, dirty and embedded with dirt, dust and the dreaded dust mites. With an ABC professional steam clean using premium products we can return your mattress to its former glory for many more sound night’s sleep.

Dust and bacteria soon build’s up in our mattresses with millions of dust mites making your mattress their new home. On average the weight of a mattress can double over 6 years with dust mites, dead skin, dust and bacteria. This can lead to new or aggravate allergies which can have a big impact on health.

Here at ABC we can steam clean your mattresses and easily remove these invisible creepy crawlies and leave your mattress feeling fresh, odourless and ready for you to enjoy a good nights sleep.


  • One off carpet and upholstery cleans
  • Packages Monthly, Quarterly, Six monthly, Yearly Cleans
  • Start / End of Tenancy Cleaning
  • Air B&B Cleaning
  • Caravan Cleaning
  • Boat Cleaning
  • Commercial Shop Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning



  • Airflex Storm 800psi
  • Magma Inline Heater
  • Sebo BS360 HEPA Vacuum Cleaner
  • Pro 35 CRB (Contra-Rotating Brush Machine
  • Dri-Pod Carpet & Hard Floor Driers


  • CleanSmart Solutions
  • Prochem Solutions
  • Solution World of Clean
  • Shockwaves Solutions
  • Blaze Solutions
  • SPM Solutions
  • M-Power Solutions
  • Nitro Solutions
  • Crystal Rinse Solutions



It never hurts to hoover before we arrive but we use a commercial grade dual motor sebo vacuum cleaner which has a lot more power than a house hold vacuum so if you can’t then this is no problem.

  • All our process start off with a survey of what is to be cleaned and taking our customer through the cleaning process, consulting the customer of their concerns and goals.
  • Carpet testing and colour patch testing to make sure we are using the correct products designed for your carpet fibres and the correct method of cleaning.
  • Deeply vacuum the carpet using a commercial high powered Sebo vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters to remove as much dry soil as possible.
  • Pre-spray the carpet with a premium appropriate product.
  • Treat any spots and stains individually.
  • Agitate the carpet with a carpet broom on Bronze package or a CRB machine on Silver packages and above, agitation combs the carpet pile and works the pre-treatment deep into the carpet pile whilst gently massaging the carpet pile.
  • Hot water extraction (Steam cleaning) the carpet with high pressure removing the pre-treatment and adding a rinse treatment to leave your carpets at the correct PH balance and feeling soft and clean.
  • Finishing off with a carpet groom to reset the carpet pile.

This question gets asked a lot and there are a lot of variables that determined drying time these include:

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Amount of water used in the process to get the carpet cleaned
  • Air flow
  • What time of year it is
  • We use one of the strongest machines on the market and it will pull as much water out of the carpet as possible, this gives us drying times in a well ventilated area of approximately 2-3 hours

It is important that you open as many windows and doors as possible as this will create air flow and will help with the drying times. Depending on the carpet and time of year we sometimes use fans to help speed up the drying process if we are cleaning more than one room.

Once the carpet cleaning technician has finished you can walk on the carpets, however carpets when drying are more sensitive to re-soiling when wet so please make sure you walk on them with clean shoes or socks. Also be careful when walking from a damp carpet onto a hard surface as your shoes could be slippery.

Yes all our technicians are fully trained by the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaning Association) the leading body for carpet cleaning. This extensive course covers the theory and practical side of carpet and upholstery cleaning where a written exam has to be sat and passed to complete the course. We also attend other courses when needed to keep us up to date with new products and processes.

Yes all employees will have a DBS check carried out before they commence working with us. We pride ourselves on our special relationships with our customers and would not allow just anyone into your home without the correct checks.

Yes we carry full public liability cover.

You can pay via cash or bank transfers.

Here at ABC we don’t believe in hard sales or advertising cheap prices to get a foot in the door and then up sell services. We like to be as up front with our pricing as we can. We can offer a guide price on the phone but until we see the carpet’s we can’t 100% confirm this price until we have completed our survey. We can offer a free no obligation quote in your home or we can price across the phone and will confirm the price on the day once the survey has been completed. Once we have confirmed a price with you this is the price you pay.

No, we don’t price match our competitors. At ABC we offer exceptional value for money and our aim is to provide you with an unsurpassed bespoke clean. We have the best trained technicians, equipment and insurance in place. Our prices are competitive and also reflect the care, attention and results we will deliver to you.

As a small local family run business, cancellations can really affect us, however we do understand things can change in life and sometimes there will be a need to cancel. We ask for 72 hours notice for cancellations so we can try and fill your appointment time slot to minimise the cost to us. Cancellations within 48 hours will incur our minimum callout charge of £65.00. Cancellations on the day of your deep clean will be charged at half the the quoted price of £65.00 minimum callout fee which ever is greater.